Oneunit Dashboard

>Available in Android, iOS and Web

>Real-Time Monitoring

> Information at your fingertips

> Remote Location Monitoring

> Ease of use

Web application

Oneunit gives you the power to access your electrical data remotely anytime – anywhere at an affordable price. Comprehensive real-time data with graphical representation provide ease of understanding allowing tons of benefits and features. Oneunit system provides Real-time data, Historical data, Machine health, Goals, Alerts and Notifications, Smart algorithm, Issue tracker, Human Monitoring, What’s on, Production Reports, Bill reports, Fire Extinguisher, and the list goes on.

1. Real-Time Data:
Real-time detail information of various parameters like watts, current, voltage, PF (check out PF case study), units, estimated bill, etc. now at your fingertips. This real time data is also represented graphically which makes it very easy to understand.

2. Live Units:
Live consumption units tells you how many units of electricity your premise is consuming per hour. Based on this reading you can understand whether the premise is operational, partially operational, or non-operational.

3. Bill Estimation:
With the estimated bill, you can easily predict whether you are using high or low amount of electricity this month.

4. Historical Data:
Check data minute, hour and month wise. Graphically stored data allows you to compare and discover the energy consumption pattern and much more clear view of your consumption trends.

5. Goals:
Now you can set your daily and monthly goals and accordingly make your action plans. Set daily and monthly goals into the system and the system will alert you if you are about to cross your daily / monthly consumption.

6. Machine Health:
Know the health of machines with its energy consumption. Determine low, medium and high consuming machines for predictive maintenance and prevent machine break-down.

7. Alerts and Notifications:
Oneunit system will flag each and every fault in real time and you will get alerts and notifications of every abnormalities.

8. Smart Algorithm:
Oneunit Smart Algorithm (OSA) intelligently detects when a particular machine started and when it stopped and its total run count. OSA also captures device signature which provides behavioral information of the machine.

9. Issue tracker:
Track all the issues in your electrical system with the issue tracker giving you control and updates of the issues. Know how many issues are solved in a particular period and which one’s are pending with its cause.

10. Human Monitoring:
Energy managers in large organizations that operate many different facilities have a difficult time delving of energy bills, Oneunit is the perfect solution to this situation. Know what goes on in your premise when you’re not watching. Reduce Production loss by monitoring the machine operator based on electricity data.

11. What’s On:
Oneunit gives you the power to remotely turn ON or OFF any device with its KWH consumption. You get control of your premise even if you are not physically present.

12. Production Report:
With production reports, you can compare and track actual production vs expected production by using electrical data.

13. Fire Extinguisher:
To comply with the fire department, Commercial and Industrial premises are required to do fire extinguisher refilling. Get alerts on the expiry of the HPT, Refilling and Life Expectancy of Fire extinguisher.

14. Bill Reports:
Record and manage the electricity bills. You can compare monthly bills for extra charges. Oneunit will give you bill reminders about payment deadline and discount date.

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