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Monitoring energy data provides energy managers with better insights into cost per unit of energy. This metric helps organizations reduce costs in demand or power factor, as well as utilize rebates to improve return on investment (ROI) on energy products and energy procurement.
Since the installation process involves Power down and Professional Electrical Contractor work, we do not give a trial. But, we give a free demo by installing a temporary hardware in your premise.
Even though you have a Capacitor, it is very important to check the proper functioning of the Capacitor. Faulty Capacitor means Wasted Electricity and PF Penalties.
Once an issue is identified, we connect you with industry experts to get the issue resolved and consequently save electricity.
HT Line Installation is not possible, but if you have existing HT meter, we might be able to connect it in Series or use the existing meter’s data ports.
Apart from our proprietary Hardware, we support Schneider EM3600 Meter.
Yearly subscription binds us to give you expected services for next renewal.
Yes, with the installation help of our Electrical team, you can install it on any number of locations.
Don’t worry, we also offer GSM module with our hardware.
Yes, please drop in a message through Contact form.
First step to correction is to know the fault. Oneunit will alert for PF droppages and corresponding action is to be taken.
Harmonics up to 31st order can be identified.
An organization might only capture energy usage data on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. While this gives them a good idea of overall consumption across the business, it provides no daily breakdown of energy usage (making it hard to identify trends and spikes) or daily energy usage per business unit (making it difficult to isolate energy eaters). Real-time energy data and monitoring solves this by providing up-to-date information across the enterprise on a regular basis.
Based on the site survey, possibilities of savings is analysed and expected return on investment (ROI) can be up to 40% or more of Bill amount.
Our motto is you “You sit back and enjoy savings”. Our team of Energy Analyst do the job of analysing the data and highlighting wastage.
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