Time of day tariff

Time of Day (or TOD) tariff is a tariff structure in which different rates are applicable for use of electricity at different time of the day. It means that cost of using 1 unit of electricity will be different in mornings, noon, evenings and nights. This means that using appliances during certain time of the day will be cheaper than using them during other times.
Time of Day tariff is implemented to reduce consumption of electricity during peak hours. To do this, electricity is made expensive during peak hours so that consumers use less of it.
>> TOD Savings

Peak hours are charged more and oneunit gives you action plan for optimum operational hours for maximum savings

Machine Health

Machine condition monitoring is the ability to assess the health of a machine over a period of time. This can include things like its efficiency, since losses in efficiency may indicate an underlying issue. It also includes wear and tear on parts, performance indicators such as output of defective parts, usage statistics, and maintenance statistics.
Oneunit can monitor real time health of machine. The benefits of condition monitoring are plentiful. One major boon of condition monitoring is increasing the longevity of equipment. If a specific parameter is continuously out of expected ranges, especially factors that could severely damage a machine or its components, then underlying issues can be assessed and repaired before a downtime event or long-term, costly damage occurs.
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Now, at the click of a button, Oneunit app can show you the real time health of a machine. Predict machine damage beforehand and take action to save machine from deterioration.
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