Oneunit installs current sensors in the electrical panel with a state of the art IOT Device.

This small but powerful hardware is installed in your electrical panel  by a licensed electrical contractor, usually in less than 60 minutes. Once Oneunit is installed and configured, it shares the data with the cloud server wirelessly through the internet on the mobile app. Oneunit uses only standard tested hardware, and safe to install in your electrical panel.


1. Electricity bill

Electricity bill for the last 6 months

2. Main power supply photos

Photos of the main power supply (busbar / wiring) of installation location

3. Existing meters

Manufacturer details and model number of existing meters installed in the premise

4. Analytics & Reports

What kind of information / analytics you need from us

5. Machine list

A list of machines with their rated amperes capacity

6. Operational hours

Operational hours of your premise (Eg. 10 hours / 24 hours )

7. Full load capacity

Full load capacity of your electrical panel at 100%
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