Solar Net Metering

Solar net metering is a billing arrangement that allows solar energy system owners to receive credit for the excess electricity they generate and feed back into the grid. It is a mechanism that encourages the adoption of renewable energy and promotes the use of solar power.
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Crest Factor

Crest factor is a term used to describe the ratio of the peak value of an electrical waveform to its effective value, which is also known as the root mean square (RMS) value. It is a measure of the shape of an electrical waveform and is used in many areas of electrical engineering and electronics. In this blog, we will explore what crest factor is, how it is calculated, and its significance in electrical systems.
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Phase Angle

Phase angle refers to the angular difference in degrees or radians between two alternating electrical quantities. It is commonly used to describe the relationship between voltage and current in AC circuits. In a sinusoidal AC circuit, the voltage and current waveform are typically out of phase with each other.
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